About Us

We represent several scripts and films in different genres, i.e. sci fi, horror, comedy, historical, humanitarian, action, adventure, mystery etc. The highlight is Human Enlightenment Cinema.

The three writers in Papyrus Trinity Star LLC are:

Thalia Alexiou

Thalia Alexiou was born in the Greek island Rhodes  and she is a US citizen from her twenties. She lives and works as a holistic energy therapist of the soul in New Jersey. She is a self-improvement and life coaching seminar instructor in US and Europe and the author of the book Gratitude=Increase, 3 Dreams and the novel and script for a feature film “49 Years After”

Petra Terzi


Petra Terzi was born in Athens, Greece and studied Business Administration, Life Coaching, Film Direction and Writing. She is a talent agent, multiawarded film director, producer and high caliber international events organizer as well as the founder of the network Cultural International Festivals in Europe and USA.

Michael Kokkinaris

Michael Kokkinaris was born in Athens, Greece and studied Byzantine and Modern Greek Literature, Theology and Medicine at the University of Athens. He works as a pediatrician in Athens and is an author of several books and essays.